Introduction to the Blog

Thu 04 May 2017
By Marie Deaconu-Baylon

Although I spent a lot of time writing, I often forgot to tell people what I was doing. At the start, I wasn't sure how this new life fit into my real life or whether it would become my real life. Writing was very solitary, which I've wanted but am not used to. I had forgotten how to be both alone and of the world. These hours sometimes felt like a dream or trials on a hidden planet. I'm used to thinking of my life as conditional on my moods, so I never feel confident I'll finish whatever is happening to me. I am still coping with the weirdness of how I've spent the last five months.

Many of my friends ask me how I wrote and self-published a novel in five months. I had personal reasons for my timeline, and I don't regret what I wrote yet. I know I'll never regret the experience. I'm no expert on writing fiction, and I'm not trying to be modest. I might use the word 'clod.' In this blog, I'll try to share what I did to its exactness. These aren't recommendations. I'm laying it out, so other writers can cogitate and experiment for themselves.

When you write a novel, you find out that all your friends dream of writing a novel. I really hope everyone does. As a reader, I'm more interested in emotions, thought, and experience than technically perfect books. I wasn't able to read for a time in my adult life, so I love anything written with honesty.

I will cover many other topics in this blog with concrete tools and steps for self-publication. I am not sure if I can speak to the topic of writing process, but my friends ubiquitously ask questions about teaching myself to write fiction, as well as my writing habits.

I am committed to providing information on self-publishing to the best of my ability and for free. I'm starting to care less whether my book sucks because I'm happy to help other people share their stories.

I started writing fiction because I had a lot of unwilling free time on my hands and neared despair of idleness. I tried many things, including rock climbing. Fiction compelled me because it created interesting, new problems in my life. I cherish emotions, and writing fiction brought out a lot of emotions. It was also very cold outside — I live in Chicago. I'll share here the previous experiences that helped me become a self-taught novelist in five months. I'll share my writing, self-publishing, and marketing experiences from start to finish.

I consider myself a reporter on my experiences, rather than an adviser. I have not a half-year of experience in this world. If I get more, I'll keep sharing with you.

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